Yeast Selection

We carry White Labs Liquid Yeast and some Imperial Yeast.
Dry Beer and Wine yeast as well.
Please call for more info or to see if we have what you are looking for.
(310) 328-2133

Abbey Ale 
Abbey IV  
American Hef Ale  
American Lager  
Belgian Ale  
Belgian Ale Blend
Belgian Saison Ale  
Brett Bruxellensis
Brett Claussenii
British Ale 
Burton Ale  
Calfornia Ale V 
Cream Ale Blend
Dusseldorf Alt Ale 
English Ale 
German Ale/Kolsch  
German Bock Lager 
Hefeweizen Ale 
Irish Ale 
London Ale 
Oktoberfest Lager 
Pacific Ale
Pilsner Lager  
Saison Ale Blend
Saison II Ale 
San Francisco Lager 
Super High Gravity Ale 
Trappist Ale 

Dry Beer Yeast

Safale US-05 
Safale S-04
Safbrew S-33
Safbrew T-58 
Safbrew WB-06  

Dry Wine Yeast
Premier Cuvee 
Pasteur Champagne 
Cote de Blanc  
Pasteur Red 
Lalvin K1V-1116 
Lalvin EC-1118  
Lalvin 71B-1122 
Lalvin RC212 
Lalvin ICV D-47