Keeping it Local!

Why buy online when you’ve got South Bay Brewing Supply in your backyard?  Our wide selection of ingredients and equipment plus our friendly easy going service makes us the prime choice for Homebrewers, pro-brewers, and winemakers(ish) and other odds and end! We also do Co2 Exchange, and fill some Sodastream and Paintball Tanks.

As an independently owned business, we are able to offer you a level of personal service that you will not find shopping the internet. We are always happy to share our brewing knowledge and experiences with you.  Keeping it local ensures that we are able to continually support your hobby because we know how important it is to you!

South Bay Brewing Supply is conveniently located in the heart of Old Town Torrance.  We are just a bottles throw away from the Red Car Brewery and we brew there as well. Just minutes from a dozen independent breweries!  Make your shopping experience complete by enjoying a pint from one or all of them.